• UX Week Is On A Mission

    As we head into our 13th UX Week, it’s interesting to reflect on how the event has changed and evolved over the years. From our early beginnings focused on small workshops taught by the Adaptive Path founders to today’s full slate of workshops and talks by invited speakers from around the world, we’ve always worked to keep the event relevant to the needs and interests of the UX community.

    UX Week’s mission is to inform, educate, and inspire designers and managers with practical insights for creating great human experiences. Each of those verbs is an important ingredient in the UX Week recipe. We work to inform our audience by keeping them in touch with what’s going on in leading UX teams around the world. We strive to educate our audience with tools and methods for doing better work. And we hope to inspire people, with ideas and stories that stretch the bounds of what was thought possible.

    And then there’s that key phrase: practical insights. Big ideas with no connection to the reality of UX practice aren’t enough; but an emphasis on practicality at the expense of new perspectives isn’t what we’re after either. When we balance the practical with the insightful, we help propel our field forward. Take a look at this year’s program and we think you’ll agree!

    Jesse James Garrett, UX Week Host and Program Chair

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